Thursday, January 28, 2010

Exciting News - We're Going Digital!

2010 is the sixth year for Altered Arts. From the very first club kit that we sent out we have strived to adjust to our customer’s feedback and the changing times. We have some very exciting changes on the horizon for 2010. The most notable change will be our switch from a print magazine to a digital format. While we, like most of you, enjoy the tactile nature of a print magazine, the switch to digital will offer many new exciting possibilities.

This switch should not be confused with our current e-magazine newsletters. The e-magazine newsletters are just that – newsletters in magazine format. They were specifically sized to be viewed only online. We have purchased new software for our new digital issues that will allow us to continue to inspire you in really exciting ways. While it may take a little time for us to fully utilize all the possibilities of this new software, imagine, if you will, how-to articles with VIDEO! I told you it was exciting. Additionally, because of the high cost of printing and postage, we had to limit the page count of our print magazine. We will now be able to add more content to the magazine without increasing the number of ads or increasing the purchase price. This means more inspiring artwork and articles for you.

All of our subscribers with current subscriptions will automatically receive the new digital magazine. As a thank-you for making this switch with us, we will extend subscriptions purchased before February 12th by TWO issues! Our club members will also receive the digital version with their membership.

If you are a club member or current subscriber, please check your email for important information about this change.

The Spring 2010 issue, our first digital issue, will be made available free of charge to anyone who would like to try it out. The Spring issue will be available at the beginning of March.

Want a taste? We have put together a 7 page sample of our new digital format featuring articles from the WIN 09 print issue along with a new Letter to the Editor and a sample of our new video feature. As we learn the program, more exciting things will be added. To read the articles, it is imperative that you click on full size (1:1) to zoom to the magazine's actual size. The print online is actually the same size (and larger) than the print on paper at the full-size ratio. Once at the 1:1 size, you can click and drag the page to wherever you need it. You may also print from this format easily by clicking on the printer icon.

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