Saturday, August 8, 2009

Potato Chip Bag Art

Well, I thought I had taken photos of the artwork I came up with using the shrunken potato chip bags but I can now neither find the photos nor the artwork. Someday when I am no longer needing it it will appear. You know how that goes, right? I bet I put it in a SAFE place. :-)

I did find pictures of the process, however. The pictures are of my original attempts. I Googled "shrink potato chip bags" to get instructions. Since I could not find my heat gun at the time (are you noticing a trend?), I used my oven. One problem that I had was that the bags curled up on themselves. I also cut the bags open and used only one ply. I'm imagining that I would have far different results if I used the complete bag. I actually have a cupboard full of empty chip bags for future trial and error practices.

So, enjoy my "process photos." Have you tried shrinking potato chip bags? We'd love to see your results. Post them on our Facebook Page. Periodically we select projects posted at random and award a prize.

I stamped on the bags using StazOn ink.

I added embossing powder and glitter to a couple of the pieces.

Most of the pieces curled up on themselves unfortunately. The ones on which I added the embossing powder came out usable.

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